17th December 02:52am

This morning brought an end to 48 hours of mischief making, of which this is the only photographic evidence I managed to capture. It shows streetlights and the Moon reflected in the Bristol Cut.

Items of note:

1. Everyone should dance, a lot, even if you think you look rubbish, it doesn’t matter, it’s food.

2. That certain magic that hangs in the air like a spectre when you spend time with certain people.

3. A lovely singer who made me want to weep and swing at the same time.

4. No, no, no, you cannot control how you feel.

5. “Wit of the Staircase” is named so for a reason.

6. I needed help and the Hive Mind stepped up. Thanks Hive Mind!

7. I’m not sure where I am going.

8. I’m ready to sleep.

9. I test drove a basement.

10. Persistence is worthwhile.

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