Project Ethel (27.05.14 – 07.01.16): Pages 9-17

Continuing the project of uploading most pages form Notebook Ethel. As I said before these are from a few years ago now.

Notebook Ethel: Spread 9. Weird comic strip, drawings of the diners at the cafe over the road, dude eating his sandwich on the wall outside, some cows and a copying of a drawing of an old man by Chris Ware taken from his Acme Novelty Datebook Sketchbook facsimile book thing.
Notebook Ethel: Spread 10. Office coats, vintage teapot, Tyndales Baptist Church, pressed flowers and garbage writing. 📓 ✏ 💐
Notebook Ethel Spread: 12. Incoherent comics strip and the view across Whiteladies Road from the window at BDH. ✒📓🏢
Notebook Ethel, Spread Thirteen. Garbage writing, guitar in the workplace, refuse container. 🎸📓✒
Notebook Ethel, Spread Fourteen. Satellite data coordinates, designing polygon construction, internal combustion engine visualisation, missing render frame numbers, Titan storyboard. 🔨 📓 🎨
Notebook Ethel, Spread Fifteen. Mind map of the nCloth gynamics system in Maya. Also very old QOTSA concert ticket I found in a shoe box. 🗺 📓 🎸
Notebook: Ethel, Spread Sixteen. Mind map for Forces Of Nature, episode “Where”, visualisation of the launch of the Planck rocket, Titan, storyboard, eyeflower comic, timings. 📓 🚀 🌎
Notebook: Ethel, Spread Seventeen. Drawing of injured foot (this is from a while ago), Wacom pen and garbage writing. ✍ 📓 👞

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