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  • 10 Books To Make Your Feminism More Intersectional | HuffPost UK
  • “International Women’s Day is upon us. That seems like as good a time as any to remind ourselves that our feminist thinking must be intersectional to be truly feminist.” With this in mind, we rounded up our favourite books that look at the women’s experiences, and how they interact with other types of oppression.
  • The Matrix Revelation: How the Wachowskis Opened Our Eyes to a New Kind of Action Cinema • Cinephilia & Beyond
  • “Few films permeate the gestalt consciousness like Star Wars (“I am your father”, “Use the Force” and so on) but in recent times The Matrix comes close, its threads like a computer worm hardwired into our neural processors. Creators the Wachowskis’ ideas weren’t new, but their delivery system was radical—Baudrillard by way of bullet time, a multiple cinematic fusion of philosophical, literary, and spiritual connectedness via cyberpunk fiction, Japanese anime and Hong Kong martial-arts influences. A quest for the human condition—“Now I know Kung-Fu,” “There is no spoon”—mantras to rival anything dreamed up by George Lucas.”
  • Debunking the myth that anti-Zionism is antisemitic | Peter Beinart | News | The Guardian
  • “It is a bewildering and alarming time to be a Jew, both because antisemitism is rising and because so many politicians are responding to it not by protecting Jews but by victimising Palestinians.”
  • 50 Historic Black Women Guitarists and Bassists You Need To Know
  • “If you’re reading this and are someone who consumes or performs music, then every day you should be celebrating the innovation, resilience, and talent of black music communities. Last February, we published a guitarist a day in the genre of rock ‘n’ roll to emphasize the history and impact black women have had as pioneers in the United States. Today, on the last day of Black History Month, we take a deeper dive into the influences that Black, Indigenous, and Afro identifying women musicians have had on music history. “
  • #SELFCAHow journaling can help grow your confidence | gal-dem
  • “Many times in my life, I have missed out on opportunities and chances that would have benefited me and my self-development. Through thorough self-reflection, I have realised that oftentimes, the person holding me back from doing and achieving all that I hope for is me.”






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