Toad from Paul Greer on Vimeo. This is a project that was very long in the making. It began as very heavily storyboarded drawn piece based on a poem and the piece of music I had. It slowly degenerated into the above. Made in Maya. I submitted it to a few festivals with the following […]

Animated Journal

From 2009 to 2010 I kept an animated journal. I had always liked the picture a day format, video diaries etc, and animation is, traditionally a long drawn out, painful process, so this was me trying to find a way to free it up and make it a bit more ephemeral. I should’ve just waited a few years […]

War of Words

Poetry animations from the Great War.

Fudge and the Garden of Earthly Delights

Fudge came along in the early nineties, bags packed and ready to move in. I have so far sketched out around 20 to 30 stories with him in, and they all generally follow a similar pattern. This first story,  was originally printed in a Slovenian magazine called Stripburger in 1997. It was heavily influenced by the […]

365 Project

A 365 daily drawing project begun in good faith, but thwarted by life, death, progress and other forces. I have since scaled it back to “regular” but I still aim to fulfil the 365 target. The process has thrown up so many unexpected things, ideas, personal development, a noticing of what I notice, discovery of stories, […]

Kinetic Drawings

Nizlopi – Without You

I recently made a short musical video for English two man band, Nizlopi, and they have posted it on YouTube. The brief was for a fairly straight interpretation of the lyrics and only one third of the song was covered. It’s a cunning mixture of hand drawn and CGI animation. Check it out.

Screaming For Rosalind

Screaming for Rosalind is a very short piece of animation I made a very time long ago. It is part of a 5 minute film called “Commercials for Everyday Life”, which got itself shown at the 1991 london Film Festival alongside the work of industry legends such as Liz Whitaker and the Quay Brothers. No […]

Rider Rida Rode Over Rainbow City

Signed Digital Prints: £10

Owls Over The Stock Exchange

Signed Digital Prints £15.

Committee Looks Upon The Vortex

Signed Digital Print: £15

Nugent Hill, BS6

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Horticultural Fudge

Originally published on my Tumblr during 2009. As recommended by writer and artist Austin Kleon. A pdf of this comic will soon be available to purchase for a small fee. CONTACT © 2017 Paul Greer

Family Portrait with Power House

Signed Digital Print available £10.

People Happy On The Underground

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Spin Spidal and the Fish Television

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