Jim Henson and @TheFrankOzJam talk to Russell Harty about The Dark Crystal (1983)

Random office conversation today started at the Matrix and went to Dr Who then Star Wars then to the Dark Crystal. That triggered a vague memory of an episode of the Russell Harty Show which I saw go out live where Jim Henson and Frank Oz were interviewed and I was sure that some of the actual creatures from the film came on stage and proper freaked the audience out. Surely I had made this up!

So I searched YouTube and there it was!

The final few moments where the creature smashed through the set and runs at the front row was the thing I remembered the most.

Drawings of dodo’s (generally assumed from to be life) by Joris Joostensz Laerle (1601) & Cornelis Saftleven (1638)

“Compilation of the first depictions of dodos (Raphus cucullatus) on the island Mauritius (Indian Ocean), made during the voyage of the VOC Gelderland in 1602. The caption says “These birds are caught on the island of Mauritius in large quantities because they are unable to fly. They are good food and often have stones in their stomachs, as big as eggs, sometimes bigger or smaller, and are called ‘griffeendt’ or ‘Kermis goose’.” (Fuller, Errol: Dodo – From Extinction To Icon, 2002)”

“Dodo specialist Julian Hume argued that the nostrils of the living dodo would have been slits, as seen in the GelderlandCornelis Saftleven, Savery’s Crocker Art Gallery, and Ustad Mansur images. “

via Dr Nick Crumpton


Also in observation:


“Brexicuted” by Chris Shepherd (2018)

My old college friend and prolific animator and mentor, Chris Shepherd made this short film last year about the political issue currently dominating British politics at the expense of literally everything else.

Wherever you fall on the debate it’s pretty funny. I was lucky enough to see it last autumn at the Encounters film festival, but it is currently available on YouTube.

Posted here in celebration of Withdrawal Agreement Day in Parliament (haha!).

(You might have to click through to watch.)