Testing of my beautiful new Gullor fountain pens and Waterman inks on a portrait of a young Salvador Dali.

Apparently the photograph was taken of Dali by Luis Buñuel around the time of the making of Un Chien Andalou.

One suggestion is that Dali’s father strongly opposed his relationship with his future wife, Gala, he banished him from the family home. Before leaving for Paris to join her, Dali shaved his head and buried the hair at Cadaqués beach.

A Committee Looks Upon The Vortex (Maelga Turquoise Turbulante)

A Committee Looks Upon The Vortex (Maelga Turquoise Turbulante)

Painted from a dream as part of the “Postcards From The Other Side Of Sleep” series.
A depiction of politicians talking amongst themselves whilst the people are engulfed.
Original is watercolour on paper.

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Dream Paintings and Society6

I have uploaded some paintings done by the Old Me Way Back When onto Society6.

These are from a series I made call Postcards from the Other Side Of Sleep, they were all inspired by dreams I had at the time.

After some research it appeared to me that Society6 seemed like the perfect place for a time strapped part-time artist to get their work out into the world.

All their products are of high quality and I get a little percentage for each sale made.

I will be making some signed prints of these in due course which I will sell directly and therefore get payed slightly more.

In the meantime please take a look at my store on Society6 and if you don’t feel like buying anything but have an account, a few likes here or there would mean the world, raise profile and would be rewarded with kind thoughts.

Owls Over The Stock Exchange
Lizarde Sees Oil Spots In The Sky
Sailing On The Sea of Na-Gig
Fresco For A Red Dream Cathedral

Horticultural Fudge on the Website

I have now uploaded a newly scanned and cleaned up version of my webcomic, Horticultural Fudge to this website. It’s all layed out nicely on one page for ease of reading.
It’s a simple wordless story of gardening, flowers and retribution.

A version of this story will be available to buy as a print at the Bristol South Bank Arts Trail next weekend, and in due course, they’ll be available here too.

If you enjoy this comic you might also like to try Fudge and The Garden Of Eartly Delights also available to read on this website.

Print Sale for December

I got a sale on for the early part of December.
All prints now £3.50 each, and if you order more than one in a single order the shipping for the rest is free!
Signed prints of locations from around the Bristol area.
Support my humble artistic endeavours whilst simultaneously acquiring top quality gifts for your loved ones.

“One Hour on the 11:30 from Bristol Temple Meads.”

Various horizon lines drawn from the window of the 11:30am to London Paddington, going through Bath Spa, Chippenham, Swindon, Didcot Parkway. September 2014.


“Not sure if you have tried drawing on a train, most people are too close for you to study without causing a uncomfortable situation and generally stuff is going passed so quickly outside you need a super fast photographic memory to get it in your brain before you can decide how to represent it on the page. So I decided to go for the horizon, because that goes pass slower and if you miss a bit it doesn’t look too weird if you just join on to the continuation.”.

Read more about the trip I took here.

Black and White print on 160gsm uncoated paper. Taken from super high resolution scan. A4.

“Winter Saplings, Leigh Woods.”

Saplings drawn in notebook whilst walking through Leigh Woods, Bristol. Winter 2014.


Black and White print on 160gsm uncoated paper. Taken from super high resolution scan. A4.

“Melrose Place, Clifton”

Looking out of the window in Clifton, Bristol. Summer 2014


Originally drawn as part of a daily drawing project, find out more here.

Black and White print on 160gsm uncoated paper. Taken from super high resolution scan. A4.


The Comics Journal Review

Having a home holiday and digging around in the files, came across this cutting of when Scenes From The Inside, an anthology comic I was involved with in the ’90’s, got reviewed in the illustrious Comics Journal (kind of a Cahiers du Cinema for picture literature for those unfamiliar).

They talk about my 20 page insert “Kings of the Wild Frontier“, which was a documentation of the final performance piece by Bristol artist, Dan Eastmond.

The Comics Journal had a tough reputation, so being reviewed there and not getting completely mawled by them was quite the thing.