On the Skywalkers…

  • Youngest: Daddy, how many people did Darth Vader kill?
  • Parent: Well, he killed lots of people. He murdered all the Jedis.
  • Youngest: And how many people did Luke kill?
  • Parent: Not very many I think. Mostly monsters and some stormtroopers as far as I remember.
  • Eldest: Hang on, didn’t Luke destroy the Death Star?
  • Parent: Yes, yes he did.
  • Eldest: So he actually killed LOADS of people, lots more than Darth Vader did.
  • Parent: You’ve got a point there.

Pablo Picasso: Portrait of Igor Stravinsky, May 24, 1920 – pen

Portrait of Igor Stravinsky by Pablo Picasso, 1920
Portrait of Igor Stravinsky by Pablo Picasso, 1920

In 1917, Stravinsky met the great artist Pablo Picasso in Italy. While visiting him, Picasso drew a picture of Stravinsky. Igor packed it in his luggage to bring back to Switzerland.
When the customs officer inspected the suitcase, he thought the portrait was a spy plan. Their conversation went like this:
“What is this sketch?”
“My portrait drawn by Picasso.”
“Nonsense. It must be a plan.”
“Yes – the plan of my face.”

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Conversation of the Weekend

  • 5 year old A: “Daddy, why didn’t people see dinosaurs?”
  • Grown-Up: “Well, they died a very long time ago.”
  • 5 year old A: “Before people?”
  • Grown-Up: “A long time before there were people.”
  • 5 year old A: “Oh”
  • 5 year old B: “Yes, they died on the cross.”
  • Grown-Up: “……..ermm…no, I think that might’ve been Jesus”