Project Ethel (27.05.14 – 07.01.16): Pages 9-17

Continuing the project of uploading most pages form Notebook Ethel. As I said before these are from a few years ago now.

Notebook Ethel: Spread 9. Weird comic strip, drawings of the diners at the cafe over the road, dude eating his sandwich on the wall outside, some cows and a copying of a drawing of an old man by Chris Ware taken from his Acme Novelty Datebook Sketchbook facsimile book thing.
Notebook Ethel: Spread 10. Office coats, vintage teapot, Tyndales Baptist Church, pressed flowers and garbage writing. 📓 ✏ 💐
Notebook Ethel Spread: 12. Incoherent comics strip and the view across Whiteladies Road from the window at BDH. ✒📓🏢
Notebook Ethel, Spread Thirteen. Garbage writing, guitar in the workplace, refuse container. 🎸📓✒
Notebook Ethel, Spread Fourteen. Satellite data coordinates, designing polygon construction, internal combustion engine visualisation, missing render frame numbers, Titan storyboard. 🔨 📓 🎨
Notebook Ethel, Spread Fifteen. Mind map of the nCloth gynamics system in Maya. Also very old QOTSA concert ticket I found in a shoe box. 🗺 📓 🎸
Notebook: Ethel, Spread Sixteen. Mind map for Forces Of Nature, episode “Where”, visualisation of the launch of the Planck rocket, Titan, storyboard, eyeflower comic, timings. 📓 🚀 🌎
Notebook: Ethel, Spread Seventeen. Drawing of injured foot (this is from a while ago), Wacom pen and garbage writing. ✍ 📓 👞

Horticultural Fudge on the Website

I have now uploaded a newly scanned and cleaned up version of my webcomic, Horticultural Fudge to this website. It’s all layed out nicely on one page for ease of reading.
It’s a simple wordless story of gardening, flowers and retribution.

A version of this story will be available to buy as a print at the Bristol South Bank Arts Trail next weekend, and in due course, they’ll be available here too.

If you enjoy this comic you might also like to try Fudge and The Garden Of Eartly Delights also available to read on this website.

365 Day Sketch Project Update: 38-54

I’ve given myself a few weeks off, with the Big Clearout taking over pretty much every spare moment I have. It’s a shame because I would’ve like to have drawn many of the items we’ve been passing on as a record of past times. But the speed and quantity of things going meant that I just didn’t find the time to do it. Also tiredness.