What led you down this path?


“I became fed up with animation for several reasons. Even though my work had a big impact, I kept going broke making film after film, and even doing high profile jobs was not very sustainable for the kinds of projects I wanted to do. In animation you tend to always be getting shafted by people. People just love shafting animators all day long for some reason. And very few really appreciate what you’re doing.

I also know many people who direct animated features or have their own TV shows and they’re not exactly happy people, which is to say, most of them are miserable. So it started feeling like a dead end. At the same time I started playing with game engines and getting ideas in that direction, so I just followed that.”

– David O’Reilly

David O’Reilly’s game Everything is available for PS4 and Steam.

‘I thought the tech world would be full of new voices and people. It hasn’t happened. The number of women in the sector is tiny. It’s such a waste’

“We need those warriors of the future, we need people who are going to battle in all of the things that we face in challenges every day – the entrenched poverty in this country through to the changes that we need to make in our education system, in our health system. Women have to be part of those battles and if we don’t empower them digitally then I don’t believe we’re going to have as competitive an economy as we could.”

Martha Lane Fox