On the River Mekong, Nong Khai, Thailand (1991)

Clearing out the garage and the study ready for them to be demolished is proving a slow and emotional process. You find the strangest artifacts. This is me doing a “selfie ” in the nineties. Alone on a boat in the River Mekong (long story). The idea of travelling solo for months at a time is very far away from where I am now. That is not a bad thing.
Look, I’m doing my best Hunter S Thompson like an actual ****. Unfortunately one can’t really pull it off when one has the face of a baby.

The results from GDSP10 were quite overwhelming. I dealt with this by drawing some of them.

This is drawn from adasanserre’s Guest Directed Self Portrait number 10 submission. You can see the other submissions here.


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Guest Directed Self-Portrait #04


“GDSP #4 is to consist of your reflection. your image can be reflected from whatever you wish: a mirror, puddle, glass, etc. when taking the photo, look at yourself in your reflection, not at the lens. if possible, do not let the camera be seen in the reflection. this photo can be taken any time of day and your environment can be whatever suits you. the picture can be of either your face or your body, whatever you think best works with the photo and the reflective piece. be creative and surprise me.”


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