1856 Burritt – Huntington Chart of Comets, Star Clusters, Galaxies, and Nebulae

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This rare chart of comets, star clusters and nebula was engraved W. G. Evans of New York for Burritt’s Atlas to Illustrate the Geography of the Heavens . Notes several important comets recorded in the previous 300 years including the Comet of 1689, the Comet of 1744, The Great Comet of 1680, the Great Comet of 1811, Halley’s Cement, the Great Comet of 119 and the Comet of 1843. Also shows several well known nebulas including the Horse Shoe Nebula, the Spiral Nebula and the Dumb Bell Nebula. This unusual chart appeared in the 1856 edition of Burritt’s Atlas and was not present in earlier edition.”

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