Viennale-Trailer 2011: The 3 Rs (by David Lynch)

With a sledgehammer approach a man, clad in a hat and coat, tries to cast out the nonsense on Earth. Every time he wields his tool and lets it come crashing down a pitiful screeching can be heard underground. The air is humming and buzzing aggressively with the sound of invisible insects flying to the attack. Nature is defending itself. Perhaps the man is having a psychotic episode. Or he is trapped in a film by David Lynch. The 3 R’s may be a reference to the three basic educational skills Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic; cultural techniques that, as Lynch’s dense school nightmare makes quite clear, are simultaneously techniques of manipulation, restriction and control. The question posed at the beginning regarding the number of stones in Pete’s hands is not trivial. Why two? Why not three? Or 14? In accordance with the Lynchian dissolution of cinematic narratives in an associative tangle of terror, everything that seemed to be linear, firmly established and secure is breaking down. Liberated images liberate thoughts. Or do free thoughts free images? There are spaces where experiences beyond the scientific-technical conception of the world can be made. In cinema even a squeaky bathtub duck can bleed if you cut off its head.

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