Top ten tracks from 2014

Try to see the Sun and the Moon everyday.
Try to see the Sun and the Moon everyday.

This is what I listened to most last year according to LastFM, to which I collect/pump/scrobble most of what I listen to on various platforms, except the CD player in the car. But I only had a CD player in the car for the last two months of last year and then I mostly listen to books anyway.

I use Soundcloud, Youtube, Google Play, Whyd and Spotify. Stuff I purchase goes on Google Play.

Some of these are surprising to me, some of them I probably wouldn’t bother telling anyone they should listen to. But this is what the numbers say so I’m going with that.

There’s an honourable mention at sime point for “Blood in Gutters” by Brody Dalle, which I did drove around the North Somerset countryside howling to a lot, especially during difficult times later on.

Here is a link to a Whyd playlist with all these in, and a Spotify one too.

10. John Grant – GMF

So beautiful, and captures a certain point in one’s life so very precisely.

“You think I hate myself, but it’s you I hate
Because you have the nerve to make me feel.”

9. Dungen – Skit I Allt

Not sure where this came from (apart from Sweden of course). Something uplifting to start the day with? Who knows. It apparently translates as “Screw it All”.

8. Honeyblood – Choker

I’ve written about this one before, it really grabs you by the throat. Building up a list of two pieces that do not sound like two pieces.

7. WhoMadeWho – Space for Rent

Like a mild QOTSA (who are notably absent this year). I think I heard this on a radio show hosted by Josh Homme, so there you are. It’s also nice because the bass (which I play) is prominent.

6. Royal Blood – Little Monster

Royal Blood gets played in the office quite a lot these days, so it’s understandable this would end up on here. Also on the two piece list.

5. John Wizards – Muizenburg

A South African band (not person) formed in 2010. Falls into the category of Falling Down The Stairs Music. Very pleasant.

4. Ninian Hawick – Scottish Temple Stomp

Just the kind of all encompassing madness I favour in the middle of the afternoon. Lo-fi power pop band from the nineties, from the four track EP Steep Steps.

3. John Grant – Blackbelt

More John Grant being amazing. This would be my room song if I ever did X-factor.

“You are at the height of your game, aren’t you?
Would you not say that you agree, baby?
You got your grift all fine tuned and sparkling.
Yeah, you got your bored look all worked out.”

Special Mention: Brody Dalle – Blood in Gutters

See above. It’s telling of the kind of the year I have had that the two top tunes are super calming, but then there’s this.

2. Mulatu Astatke – Tezeta

Brings peace to the soul. The father of Ethio-Jazz. Especially good for driving in the city at night to. I challenge you to listen to and remain angry/sad for very long.

1. The Breeders – Off You

A remarkable song form a remarkable lady. Again heavy on the bass. It doesn’t get much better than this.

“I am the autumn in the scarlet, I am the make-up on your eyes”

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