Format shift news for RSS subscribers 

As anyone who follows me on RSS (haha!) will have noticed I have started making more microblog style posts on this feed on a daily basis. I have decided to do this so that some things I post on social media have a home here too. Somewhere between a backup and me having control of my own content. So you can get separate RSS feeds for this site, one to include the long read posts, ones categorised “macro”, and one for short posts titled “micro”. Frequency will on the macro will therefore be, at the very most, 2 or 3 times weekly.

Here they are:

From this site:

Microblog – miniposts, daybook, scrapbook.

Macroblog – News and longer posts,

Both – of the Above


LinkFeed – Everything I bookmark

Tumblr – (Proto-Scrapbook)