Intermittently Regular #365 Sketch Project Update 132-140

I was talking to a friend yesterday about this kind of regular drawing and discussing if it gets easier as you go, if there are any patterns or systematic ways of doing each drawing that makes it easier as you go. But I have found that if I try and emulate a previous success it usually ends with a weak picture or a mess.

With each one of these I feel like I am starting again from scratch, like an adventure, and the ones that work really well are often those where I end with something I wasn’t expecting when I began. They transcend my plan.

I would like to experiment with materials more but usually they are done on the fly when I just have a pencil and a Uniball in my pocket. The onion picture below I did at home so had various different media available.

Here’s a useful post about the use of a dip pen.


132/365 Beryl the patterdale terrier sleeping in the office. Uniball Micro. Notebook: Myrtle

133/365 Small collection of winterified pots down by Shed A, on another rainiest day ever. Pencil and Uniball micro 10 mins Notebook: Myrtle
134/365 Bowl of onions, Sunday afternoon. Kuretake multinibs, Sanguine oil sepia pencil, pencil and Uni-ball micro. 20 mins. Notebook: Myrtle
135/365 Desperate attempt at hamster cage. Feeling unwell, if that’s a excuse. 20 mins Uniball micro, Stabilo point 88, disappointment. Notebook: Myrtle
136/365 Occasional table. Still Ill. Pencil Notebook: Myrtle
137/365 Youngest trying out some animation on the big telly. Straight to V-Ball. 10 mins Notebook: Myrtle
138/365 Various vehicles parked throughout the day on Whiteladies Road. Pencil and V-ball. 5mins per car. Notebook: Myrtle.
139/365 People walking on Whiteladies Road. Cold Spring Day. Pencil and Uni-Ball. 10 seconds – 2 minutes per figure. Notebook: Myrtle.
140/365 Farm gate with distant golf course. 20 mins Pencil and Uni-ball. Notebook: Myrtle.