We’ve had a rocky week here in the UK, ICYMI (unlikely).

There’s a lot of anger and resentment on all sides, and it becomes difficult to pull yourself away from the news stream because of the speed with which things are developing.

But we are where we are.

In a recent Guardian panel Paul Mason was asked to give one reason why he thought the Leave vote had won, he said this (I’ve typed it down as best I could from the audio):—

“Many people in this room.//who voted, like me, to remain will be going through a kind of existential crisis of the self, in the sense that the institution we have based our lives around is the EU. It’s the source of our law, it’s the source of our democracy, in as far as there is any, but also it underpins our opinions of social justice. Many of our life chances have gone, some of our young people feel as though their life chances are over, and our sense of self, of who we are, as europeans has been completely challenged by this.


That’s how it feels to be working class.

If in twenty years time your kids are offered the chance to ‘get one back’ against the people who did this to them, in one single vote, that’s what they’ll do.”

I’m hoping one thing that can come from this is that we learn to understand and listen to ourselves better as a country.

This is the first time I’ve managed to draw anything since last Thursday.

Windows in a public building.


10 mins

Notebook: Myrtle.

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