Before last Tuesday’s news…

Intermittently Regular #365 Sketch Project Update 162-166

Yes, I’ve been pretty shaken up over the last week. Who hasn’t. The drawings here were all made before last Tuesday’s news.

This week I’ve been putting all my energy into redecorating our kitchen, so I haven’t managed drawing yet.

Hopefully soon though.

Be kind. Be useful.

162/365 Pedestrians in Clifton scribbled in pocketbook. V-ball. 30/09/16 Notebook: Artemis
163/365 I dug the hamsters grave then I drew the hamsters grave. RIP Pearl. (This is my first for Inktober) 02/10/16 V-ball 5 mins Notebook: Myrtle
164/365 Clifton Window (agin) V-ball Notebook:Myrtle
165/365 Lotte the Fluff Dog in full office effect. To be honest she didn’t sit still all ****ing day. V-ball Draw whilst downloading various bits of data. Notebook: Myrtle
166/365 Ivy on tree trunk. 10 mins. Straight to V-ball Notebook: Myrtle