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Since the very sad and untimely demise of Google Reader I have been using Feedly to read and sort the large amount of blog and RSS feeds I follow.

But still I missed the hive mind collaborative and interactive nature of Reader, being able to leave comments on posts and see what other people were reading. I am aware thereis a payment level on Feedly that allows one to do something similar, Ā but I am in the early stages of making my work profitable in some form so such expenditure is out of the question at this stage and by its nature one would be only interacting with a small, exclusive commmunity.

Bloglovin seem to be, at this stage, to have the potential of having a simile sharing platform to Reader. You can follow, comment and collate blog posts into collections of particular subjects which echoes the nature of Flipboard. And it all links to your profile and your own blog. Theref providing a potential for a great network of blogs, people, connections and recommendations to those of a similar mind and compulsions.

I recommend giving it a try and please follow me there to see what I get up to.