NOTEPAD 2019 WEEK 15-16


  • This is good on capitalism, #ClimateBreakdown and systemic change, with @AnnPettifor and @GeorgeMonbiot. Worth a listen
  • Resources for Living a More Ethical Life Online
    “ has compiled a list of resources for “discovering ethical alternatives to stuff”.”
  • 27 incredibly useful Google Sheets tips
    “There’s much more to Google Sheets than meets the eye. Unlock these advanced options–and watch your productivity soar.”
  • 5 Benefits Of Taking Online Classes With CG Spectrum
    “While traditional study can be effective for some, an online animation/vfx/game design school offers students the freedom and flexibility to study in a way that works for them, while tapping into an international network of experts from the comfort of their home.”
  • Make your mark: the enduring joy of drawing | Art and design | The Guardian
    “Drawing is democracy. Everyone does it. You doodle in the margins of this newspaper. I sketch the view while hanging on the phone. We draw on our hands, on walls, on the back of envelopes (like Monet), on office notepaper (like Van Gogh), on restaurant napkins (like Picasso and Warhol). We draw to pass the time, to catch the moment, to remind ourselves what we saw, felt or thought. We draw to see what life looks like in two dimensions. We draw because we can – and everyone can – and because we’re trying to improve. We draw to see what we can make of the world, or for the sheer joy of it; to show something to somebody else – here, this is what it looked like. We draw to make a map, with a couple of decorative trees; to see if our two-circle cat looks anything like the real thing; to play games with each other, show the police what we witnessed, send a message to someone else; to give each other something particular, something special, to say something that cannot otherwise be said. We all do it. And we do it from the first.”
  • Moving Towards web3.0 Using Blockchain as Core Tech – ReadWrite
    “The invention of Bitcoin and blockchain technology sets the foundations for the next generations of web applications. The applications which will run on peer to peer network model with existing networking and routing protocols. The applications where centralized Servers would be obsolete and data will be controlled by the entity whom it belongs, i.e., the User.”
  • Astronomers discover third planet in the Kepler-47 circumbinary system
    “Astronomers have discovered a third planet in the Kepler-47 system, securing the system’s title as the most interesting of the binary-star worlds. Using data from NASA’s Kepler space telescope, a team of researchers, led by astronomers at San Diego State University, detected the new Neptune-to-Saturn-size planet orbiting between two previously known planets.”
  • Niall Ferguson isn’t upset about free speech. He’s upset about being challenged | Dawn Foster | Opinion | The Guardian
    “This can be uncomfortable for anyone accustomed to unquestioned status and veneration: but that’s life, if you believe speech should be free. For years, privileged men have been able to frame themselves as agents provocateurs – often spouting the kind of opinions a roaring, angry drunk on the night bus might, but with a plummy accent, an Oxford degree, and an overreliance on antiquated vocabulary – in columns in national newspapers. Their fury is not that they have been silenced – they have not – but that their victims have argued back, and they have been forced to bear responsibility for their words”






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