Use your Vote 2017

I made a very short video to encourage people to vote in the General Election tomorrow.
There is a lot at stake and this time it can really make a difference.
I can’t post video directly here, but I have so far posted it to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (all embedded below), so please share on your favourite platform, if you know someone who you think might need some encouragement.

Animated Journal: Clap Loop

Another Animated Journal loop from my Stories. That’s’s me on the audio again, this time called “Clap Loop”. It’s a documentation of my short trip to pick up the children from youth club.


Animated Journal: Sad Clangers

Yes, I’ve been posting these small animated “Viney” loops on IG & SC Stories, but obviously they only play once there then they’re gone. Not substantial enough for YouTube or Vimeo so posting them on Instagram for evergreen seems to be the way.

Maybe once I’ve got a set I should put them into a full sequence similar to the first Animated Journal.

I’ll continue to blog them here as and when I update, in the meantime follow me on Snapchat or Instagram to get more instant updates.

Animated Journal S02E01

After some interesting conversations with friends and some on-line encouragement I’ve decided to start the Animated Journal again.

As always it was always about turning the process of animation into an accessible and ephemeral thing rather than the extremely lengthy and complicated process of tradition, and to really try to show how something felt in a particular moment.

These are from elements captured in Leigh Woods a few weeks ago.

Since I completed the first one we’ve had the progression of things like Vine and Instagram video which mean many more people have been playing and being very creative with the very short form. You can find the original Journal here.

Please enable sound

“How many rainbows can light create for the untutored eye?” – Vine and Me

Yes, so I got a bit excited when they released Vine for Android. It suddenly seemed the whole inventing smart phone thing suddenly had an actual purpose for me. I could make animated journal type entries actually on the go, without having to record everything and go back to base to put it together.

A real stroke of genius for me is that you can’t upload previously made movies, you have to go live, so creating animation becomes a superpower of being able to tap the screen with sufficient deftness you only trigger one frame and then some people go to the next level with using external lenses and tripods and things.

Unfortunately my phone is at the menders (dodgy power socket on those Samsung Galaxy Mini’s apparently), but the only thing I am really missing is the Vining.

I began by deleting a lot of early attempts but then came to the conclusion it’s best just to put it all out there, because often there’s a quality that comes out of the Vine you were not expecting, and the imperfection of it is the best thing.

Most of these have sound, and it’s usually relevant.

These next three are taken at various stages of making my way home after the pub.

(The title of this post is a quote from the mighty mighty Stan Brakhage)

Animated Journal (Long Version)

I’ve been keeping an Animated Journal over the last year.

I’ve always liked the picture a day format, video diaries etc, and animation is, traditionally a long drawn out, painful process, this is me trying to free it up and make it a bit more ephemeral.

Stan Brakhage said that he considered what he did to be his home movies and these follow a similar vein.

I generally capture whats going on around me and funnel it into 250 frames.

Art doesn’t have to be a career objective, or a total obsession, or something you make money from, or even something that other people will like.  It can be just something you make for yourself, in the cracks of your life, and if you put it up somewhere and other people connect with it, then that’s cool.

It’s made using a variety of software & techniques including Maya, flip book drawings, After Effects, old cameras, roll film, digital photography and so on.

Journal Whisper

Journal Light

Journal Rose

Animated Journal on Vimeo by Paul Greer

Still From Animated Journal No.4

Animomento No 3 270709

Still From Animomento No.1 030709

Still from Animated Journal