London Symphony Orchestra – Visualizing Motion and Music (2017)

“Motion becomes music becomes image! I created dynamic visuals based on the movements of the conductor and music, and extracted high resolution stills for the visual identity of the orchestra.
It starts with the arms of the conductor forming a hexagonal shape that propagates like sonic waves in linear space. When the music becomes louder, the linearity gets bended by the motion of the baton, which results more complex visual arrangements. Textures, colors, materials and lights are inspired by classical instruments (wood, brass, wind, strings) and the atmosphere and architecture of classic concert halls. In the last sequence, the conductors motion turns into strings. The waveform of the sound adds to the form of motion, like mixing audio waves.”

Tobias Gremmler

via atlasobscura

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Jim Henson and @TheFrankOzJam talk to Russell Harty about The Dark Crystal (1983)

Random office conversation today started at the Matrix and went to Dr Who then Star Wars then to the Dark Crystal. That triggered a vague memory of an episode of the Russell Harty Show which I saw go out live where Jim Henson and Frank Oz were interviewed and I was sure that some of the actual creatures from the film came on stage and proper freaked the audience out. Surely I had made this up!

So I searched YouTube and there it was!

The final few moments where the creature smashed through the set and runs at the front row was the thing I remembered the most.