Data visualisation in virtual reality and 360°event at the Data Dome

At BDH we have been working with scientists at the University of Bristol to produce visualisations of 3D High resolution brain MRI scans which help show “the brain in action”. Some of the results of this work is to be shown as part of a free event at the We The Curious 3D Planetarium in Bristol on Monday 2nd July 2018.

The remarkable inner workings of our growing brain presented in Virtual Reality and 360° Dome. Secrets of Brain Health is a pioneering collaboration between University of Bristol and multi-award winning BDH Immersive to be presented in VR and Digital Dome. The project addresses challenges in neuroscience and how the complex neural networks are formed throughout the human lifespan.

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More information and tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Fancy a T-shirt?

Owls Over The Stock Exchange
Record Cover for some Jazzed Rabbits

I recently got my head around adjusting some of my designs for the All Over Print Shirts on Society6.

There is a really helpful template you can download so you can position the design to fit nicely on the front are with a bleed around it.

It’s definitely worth spending a bit of time to get it right.

Hope you like them!



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Prints For Sale


I’ve now put the three prints I have made from the 356 project for sale on Big Cartel.

They  are black and white, taken from super high resolution scan, signed and are on 160gsm A4 uncoated paper.

They are:


Print - "One Hour on the 11:30 from Bristol Temple Meads"
Print – “One Hour on the 11:30 from Bristol Temple Meads” – £5.00 plus shipping.
Print - "Winter Saplings, Leigh Woods."
Print – “Winter Saplings, Leigh Woods.” – £5.00 plus shipping.
Print - "Melrose Place, Clifton"
Print – “Melrose Place, Clifton” – £5.00 plus shipping.

The Guest Directed Self Portrait Exhibition at the Experiment Comedy Gallery, Brooklyn March 8th 2016


Dear People of New York, I have some work in this show taking place on Tuesday March 8th, 8pm @theexcomedy – 20 Broadway in Brooklyn.
I am unable to attend myself due to a very large body of water being in the way, but if you can manage to attend I can guarantee there’s some awesome work to see and excellent people to meet. 👌
(get there for 5:30 to also see Mic Against Humanity)


see also”

Intimacy Show In Brooklyn 


Some friends have work showing tonight (August 22nd, 2015) in the Intimacy exhibition at the Rabbithole Studios in Brooklyn, NYC, between 8-11pm local time.

The show features work by Kate Sweeney, Aaron Tsuru, Molly Broxton, Katie West and many others.

This from the Huffington Post:

Tsuru commented on a rather shocking photograph, by Molly Broxton, of herself with her late dog’s fur. “It was just so beautiful and touching and exactly the kind of atypical thinking I was hoping to see,” Tsuru told HuffPost. “Intimacy is many things, it’s letting people or other beings or things into our lives in a deeper more personal way.”

There’s also a great piece in Refinery29 (both links might be a tad NSFW).

As it happens I still haven’t finished repairing my TARDIS, so won’t be able to attend, but I know a few readers are in NYC so you’ve got 6 hours, get to it!