Blue Planet 2 Prequel

Yesterday BBC Earth released the “Prequel” for the forthcoming Blue Planet 2. It features the title sequence we have been working on at BDH.



Radiohead rerecorded their track “Bloom” (originally written about the first series of Blue Planet) with series composer Hans Zimmer especially for the occasion.

Here is Radiohead performing Bloom live back in 2011.

The Secrets Of Your Food

At BDH we made some pretty delicious graphics for this series on the chemistry of food.


Michael Mosley and James Wong reveal the physics, chemistry and biology hidden inside our food. They travel the world in a culinary adventure to search for the origins of our favourite foods and using specialist photography and CGI, they take us on a journey inside the most sumptuous food, right down to the molecular level.

You can see a promo here featuring some of the work we did.

Watch out for the tongue and tastebud sequences ;-).

9pm Friday 24th February (This evening) BBC2.

Countdown to Life wins the RTS

Top news for Team BDH! We have won the National RTS Award for Best Digital Effects for our work on Countdown To Life: The Extraordinary Making of You.
Congratulations everyone, a massive team effort on this one. Up against some pretty stiff competition as well.

The judges said:
“This was a stunning entry, with the success of the whole show entirely dependent on the skill of the Effects team. The textures and liquids they created were so realistic that the jury felt completely immersed, forgetting they weren’t watching a real embryo. An extraordinary piece of work.”
You can see the full list of winner here, and some examples of our work here.

“Countdown To Life” nominated for the Digital Effects RTS Award

Great news.

You can see the full list of nominees here.

Excellent work and congratulations to the rest of Team BDH. The final result was a perfect blend of many peoples work, modelling, rigging, sculpting, rendering, lighting  and compositing with the BDH signature analogue elements.

Fingers crossed for the 28th.

(You know, it’s the one with all the babies.)

Media Innovation Awards 2015


Just received our Media Innovation Award trophy for Creative Craft on The Somme In Seven Poems:

“The judges thought the seamlessly choreographed multi-layered animation was complex and difficult but in this animation sequence was achieved without fault. The art direction and overall styling also brought an immersive atmosphere to the poems.”

Thanks judges!