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“In some ways this would be a return to what I did a few years ago with my Gospel of the Trees site, which arose because what I wanted to say about trees just couldn’t be made to fit into a book, in part because it refused to become a linear narrative or argument and in part because it was so image-dependent and book publishers don’t like the cost of that. But the advantage of a tag over a standalone site is that each post can have other tags as well, which lead down other paths of reflection and information, in a Zettelkasten sort of way.”


The Virtual Garden by Matthew Mauk

My summer project creating an art exhibit using the Vive virtual reality system and Google’s TiltBrush. The future of education, not only in art, but across all disciplines will be influenced by virtual reality.

by Matthew Mauk

found via the Nearsightedmonkey who added:

I love the shots of people ‘in the garden’ — the way their bodies behave while they are seeing things that aren’t otherwise there.  They are not only able to ‘see’ these images, they can put their heads inside of them.