Mark Edward Smith (5 March 1957 – 24 January 2018)

“Tributes to artists often end up being more about the person writing them, but MES provided me with an alternative education, looping me into Camus, and Arthur Machen, and William Blake, and Can, and dub and old garage punk and rock’n’roll. I saw the Fall 52 times and without MES my life would have been utterly different and nowhere near as much fun. What on earth are we all going to do with ourselves now?”

Stewart Lee

“It’s hard to write a love letter to someone who was allergic to bullshit.”

Carrie Fisher isn’t around any more. And that’s just horrible. As my dad said: shit happens, but some shit is worse than others. And I want everyone to remember her and all the great things she was. A wonderful writer, a fine actress, a great mother, a caring daughter, a loyal friend, a wit, a prolific present-giver, a lunatic, a legend.

Sharon Horgan

The back of this photo is marked 1966.

The last time we spoke was a year ago today on my birthday last year. I keep meaning to tell you things that you would like to hear forgetting for a moment that you’re not there anymore. But the children are all doing well, especially the two who started the new school and you’d be proud of all of them. We’re off out to see the fireworks with Dad tonight and I wish you could be with us. Sleep well, Mum. x

RIP Brett Ewins

Prog 484

reblogging 2000adonline:

“We are very saddened to hear of the death of artist Brett Ewins.

“Throughout his years of working for 2000 AD, Brett was responsible for some truly unmissable art – from Judge Dredd and Anderson Psi Division to Rogue Trooper and his incredible work on Bad Company with Peter Milligan and Jim McCarthy.

“He was also a hugely influential figure in British comics thanks to his founding of Deadline with Steve Dillon in 1988, something that changed the face of the industry forever.

“Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with Brett’s family and friends.”

Brett’s work had a huge influence on me in the way I saw comic story telling. I actually wrote an essay on this very issue containing ‘The Haunting of Sector House 9’ when I was studying.

'The Haunting of Sector House 9'