Jello Biafra’s Record Collection

I have a really hard time being patient with people who get locked into one era, “Oh there’s no good music after the grunge era, there’s no good music after the sixties.”

Wrong people, you want that energy you liked as a kid? Put down that needle, leave your home and go see somebody new and random. You neve know what’s going to happen to you.

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But overall I think the best era for music is right now. And the reason I do is because everything is available. Everything. Imagine trying to find fresh rockabilly records in 1975. It’s not like that anymore.

Playlist for late summer

Sun setting later than expected.

Wasps harassing one when eating salad.

Leaves falling.

Fruit heavy on the vine.

People selling Massive Attack tickets.

All that.

Shakedown Street by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Her Life by Two Feet

I am Chemistry by Yeasayer

The Window Cleaner by Purson

Mr.Judge by Victor Olaiya

One More by Weaves

Glue by Kagoule

Águas de Março – Elis Regina

I Can Phil it – Luke Vibert

Small Car by Martin Pontiac

Music suitable for a #seasonal transit v2.0


Hold on tight, everything’s changing again. The only thing that never changes, is that everything changes.

So I started Autumn playlists on multiple platforms, because you never know when one of them is going to go down. I’ve been trying Apple Music, I’m not sure it’s quite ready. But I do love Josh Homme’s marvellous Alligator Hour.

As always a full comprehensive playlist for the long gone summer is here on Whyd, and Autumn has already begun.

Wand – M.E.

The Fall – Black Monk Theme Part 1

William Onyeabor – better change your mind

Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes – Get Out (And Let Me Cry)

Courtney Barnett – Pedestrian at Best

The Polyversal Souls – Goin’ In (feat. Afrika Baby Bam)


The Platters – My Prayer

Nadine Shah – Fool

The Bohicas – Swarm

diarreah song from LOUIE season 5