Charcuterie à gogo!

One of the great legacies of Tumblr was this huge international friendship group we’ve built.
Here is a picture of the excellent @jacquelinedear holding up a serving tray with my drawing “One Hour on the 11:30 from Bristol Temple Meads” she had just received from @society6. How wonderful is that?!
Thank you so much, Jackie, I hope you have lots of great times with the tray. ❤️🙏🎉

Tumblr Closedown

This is cross posted form my Tumblr:

This is officially my last post here, this was my first.

I will stop actively using Tumblr as of the 17th Dec 2018.

I object to Tumblr’s years of benefiting and gaining trust from the artistic community to then go on and remove and destroy a decades worth of work, archives and culture with impunity.

I have decided not to completely delete my page here, most of what I have posted is not at risk from being removed by the algorithm, and, besides, I am still proud of the tens of thousands of posts I have collected.

Tumblr was the first place I felt truly at home on the internet and I have found many excellent friends and collaborators through it. I am currently working hard to make sure I am following all of you/them elsewhere, preferably with RSS, but with whatever form they find most suits them.

Life goes on and I have been maintaining a blog over on WordPress for many years, it has two parts, one that showcases my own work & history and another that is much more like the scrapbook style of blogging I have been pursuing here collecting and collating things I find.

Both parts of the blog are at, you are very welcome to come and find me there and explore, I am active most days.

I am also very active on Twitter (@burningfp), Instagram (@burningfp) and Pinterest (@burningfp).

Pages at Facebook (@burningfp),  Ello (@burningfp), Mastodon (@paulgreer) update less frequently, but I am working on it.

I would like to thank everyone that has made using this site the magical, empowering and life changing experience it has been for me, and I wish all of you the very best for the future.

Kind regards,


A few words on the tumblr purchase.

A few words on the purchase.

Something was going to buy Tumblr at some point, we have just been waiting for the moment.

I certainly think the Tumblr Elves deserve a big payoff, they made a magical, wondrous place where we have met and made so many good friends.

Unfortunately Yahoo have such a poor reputation of buying beloved places and then letting them rot or actually running them into the ground.

But Tumblr is my internet home so I will continue to be here and see how it progresses.

The most important thing is the connections that have been made, and I don’t see why we should not capitalize on the sell off too.

The walls around the internet gardens are getting higher and stronger so it is important to find ways around this.

So if you’re into what I share, do or think about, you can generally find me on most internet things. Or you can send me an email, I’m thinking of starting a list, the address is on my Tumblr page.

It’s been emotional.

Always yours,

Burningfp (Scorpio)


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Five Years

This day five years ago I followed a link from Susannah Breslin went through the wardrobe and made my first Tumblr post.

I have written many times before how such a seemingly insignificant thing has had such a huge impact on me and my life, but it always worth giving thanks.

I very rarely felt as home here as anywhere before, the number of people discovered, friendships found, projects invented, things made from being here are too many to number.

I’m not sure how long Tumblr will last in this current state, it seems inevitable that it’ll get assimulated by a large corporate amoeba.  It’s still a bit clunky, inefficient, infuriating at times but for now it’s still working for me.

So thanks all.

This one’s for you.


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Guest Directed Self Portrait #21

This is my contribution to Guest Directed Self Portrait #21 as directed by SexArtAndPolitics.

“Take a picture of your face. The camera should be straight on but slight deviation is acceptable. You can’t put your hand in the frame or use a prop. Be as done up or plain as you like. Use whatever expression you like. But the only things in the shot can be your head and some neck.”

(That’s really the best I could manage.)

Hey, New Yorkers.
BBC news is saying that there is an idea many people on the East Coast aren’t taking weather warnings “seriously”.


From your concerned English friend.




  1. mollybroxton said: I lived in Charleston during Hugo (which was a record-breaker in its time), so I promise: I do the things! We are safe and cozy and well-stocked. We are on the border of the current mandatory evac. zone, but hope it doesn’t change. Would prefer to stay put.
  2. semperidem said: I’m doing the things! Can I come and be British after this, though?
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Submissions for GDSP10

So I made a prompt for the Guest Directed Self Portrait project and the submissions have been overwhelming and very emotional to read about and see.

“Take a picture of yourself with a thing”.

I’m going to post them here with a roll over link to the original post so you an find out more about the artists and their stories about the things they have photographed.

I’ll add to the gallery as more come through.

An extra big thanks to Molly Peck for setting the whole thing up.