A few words on the tumblr purchase.

A few words on the purchase.

Something was going to buy Tumblr at some point, we have just been waiting for the moment.

I certainly think the Tumblr Elves deserve a big payoff, they made a magical, wondrous place where we have met and made so many good friends.

Unfortunately Yahoo have such a poor reputation of buying beloved places and then letting them rot or actually running them into the ground.

But Tumblr is my internet home so I will continue to be here and see how it progresses.

The most important thing is the connections that have been made, and I don’t see why we should not capitalize on the sell off too.

The walls around the internet gardens are getting higher and stronger so it is important to find ways around this.

So if you’re into what I share, do or think about, you can generally find me on most internet things. Or you can send me an email, I’m thinking of starting a list, the address is on my Tumblr page.

It’s been emotional.

Always yours,

Burningfp (Scorpio)


cross posted on tumblr

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