A Few of the Things I did on my Birthday weekend.

  1. Picked up an award for an awesome title sequence we made.
  2. Got stranded over night in that London.
  3. Talked for hours with most excellent friend, whilst travelling through the very beautiful Englandshire and that London, on various bits of public transport.
  4. Got invited to Slovenia.
  5. Attended a Superhero-Disco Party with 2 youngest, fielded/policed inter-child violence and cheese throwing.
  6. Stayed in the most extroadinary window-less house of a lovely man I had never met before.
  7. Got told told I didn’t look my age more times than was really appropriate or necessary, (but was still nice none-the-less).
  8. Had 6 paintings made for me.
  9. Ate red meat for the first time in 17 years.
  10. Met a man who’s photo I wished I taken to post on here.
  11. Fell asleep whilst eating cake (not recommended).
  12. Understood the value of resolve.
  13. Felt wretched.
  14. Cried at least 3 times (may be more I can’t remember).
  15. Filled up with gratitude and hope so much I nearly took off like a barrage balloon from Bristol Temple Meads platform.

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