Tears in Rain

“In the digital dark ages we may lose tons of stuff. I’m worried about the death of analogue published documents, magazines, and newspapers. We may lobotomize ourselves. We may become haunted by totalitarian states that ceaselessly reinterpret the past. Actual people’s experience that are set in record then incessantly reworked. The internet lends itself to that. Things we see stored there are not really restored. We don’t have storage methods. We can have a black out that lasts years. The internet is vulnerable to all kinds of passing upsets…””

Bruce Sterling

“We have to build “resilience” into our lives to ensure that everything we have isn’t digital. This means creating communities, in one form or another, and bolstering them with every tactic we have available. It means utilizing traditional (though, no less disappearance-prone) media, be it ‘zines or books or whatever. It means giving primacy to experiences, rather than trusting in the ability of archiving and time shifting to allow you the experience later. It means finding and making things that actively resist archiving, for whatever reason and recognizing the joy of “fugitive texts.””

William Ball

Combinations by ekstasis, more here.

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