How we made the sound for “Toad”

I haven’t been well the last few days, mostly sleeping and dreaming.

One day I was remembering an old friend of ours, who still is very dear to us, but to whom we haven’t spoken for a long time.

Around the time we hung out, I was trying to make a film about a Toad that sat underneath a giant tap to keep itself alive.  I needed a soundtrack, so I stealthily rigged up the old Juno and programmed it up with a crazy organ noise. S’ was out at the previously mentioned friends house and came back in a rather chilled mood. Unprompted, she sat at the keyboard and straight out played this, I had the 4-track ready to go and caught it.

Many years later I finished the film, and here it is.

I watched it a few days ago and realised that behind the toad thing it’s a concealed love letter from us, to our dear friend.

This post is for her.

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