Guest-Directed Self-Portrait #01

This is my attempt at following Molly Peck’s directions for a self portrait:

“(written for a right-handed person; if you are left-handed, please mirror the directions; if you have limited dexterity or mobility, a tripod or camera placed on windowsill will work as well) Use a camera (or lens) that will allow you to focus fairly close (arm’s-length) If you choose to wear a garment, choose something that says as little as possible about time and place and identity. Locate a window that provides enough sunlight to act as your only light source (if you have several to choose from, try them all to see which light you like best. Extra points if your window is near a corner so that a second wall will be at your back if the window is on your right) Raise the blinds, open the curtains…let in the sunlight. Stand with your right side almost touching the window sill. Step back the length of your foot, then sit on the floor. (If there are objects behind you that can be easily moved, move them out of the frame) Place your right elbow on the window sill, holding your camera aimed at your face from slightly above and to the right (it may be easier to let the back of your hand touch the window glass). Think posture thoughts (a balloon attached to the top of your head?) to elongate your neck even if you are in a slouching or crouched position. If you (like me) easily get a double-chin in pictures (only if you don’t like it!), think about invisibly smoothing your double-chin-prone area forward into space. Try not to say anything specific with your mouth. Place the pad of your left middle or index finger, if they are available to you, into the hollow above your collarbone. Convey longing in all of your fingers. Look down with your eyes (or close your eyes), and think about crushing disappointment (either feeling it, or causing it). Inhale. Exhale. Relax your shoulders. Just as you are about to press the shutter, look directly up into the center of the lens (as if you are actually looking into eyes that matter very much to you) while remembering our capacity for forgiveness. Press the Shutter. That’s it. The tumblr tag feature doesn’t work very well, so please let me know via ask if you post one so that I can share it. Feel free to tag it GuestDirectedSelf also (it couldn’t hurt, right?). Everyone who participates in this self-portrait will have a turn to direct a self-portrait for everyone else (I’ll figure out the logistics of that shortly– maybe guest-director order will be dictated by order in which first-participation-shots are received?)”

You can read more about the project here and see the other submissions for this prompt here.

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