A proper go.

I’m taking courage and inspiration from Mary Hamilton’s Blogging Principles and giving this thing a proper go. Just 10 years to late, s’all.

Firstly, my employer BDH has posted a new showreel of our work. It’s less heavy on the natural history this time. There’s a few peaks at the animations we created for the forthcoming BBC documentary “War of the Words: Poets of the Somme” and quick shot of a digital enhancement of my beautiful beautiful face (keep ’em peeled for that).

Friend, fiend and colleague, Tim Willmott started a Facebook page for his zany visual experiments, it’s called The Secret Stuff Laboratory. You should like (follow?) it. Mine too, while you’re at it.

I bought this track of off Bandcamp by The Parlour Trick, a musical collaboration between Meredith Yayanos (aka @Theremina) and Dan Cantrell.  They do fantastic dreamy music, it makes me want to animate stuff to it.

I had a half day at work because the plumber was coming round. He finished early so I had a spare 2 hours, so I bit the daffodils and saw the new Godzilla movie. I was going to wait for the DVD release after the traumatic experienece of 1998, but I couldn’t stand the idea of everyone else seeing it whilst I sat grumpy in the corner. The craft and CG is amazing (obvs). I don’t really want to give it a full review because I don’t like spoilers.

If anyone can do anything half as good as this with the property, then give me a call.

I might give that Pacific Rim a go soon.

Ok, that’s that for now, I clicked all the buttons so this’ll get pinged to all the platforms, that’s what you do these days isn’t it?



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