General Items of Interest.

Yes, so I’m still working out what this thing is, I make and think a lot of things and it occurred to me that most of it was either spread out all over the internet on social media sites or scribbled in notebooks never to be see.

I generally won’t be writing about what I am working on at BDH as we have a general policy of not speaking of such things until they are done, for reasons which should be obvious.

I subscribe to several TinyLetters which are lovely because they come across like personal correspondence, so I am going to treat this like that, a letter to an old friend (that’s you by the way), keeping them up to date. But I will keep plugging at this even though I am probably 10 years too late. ( a really good Tiny Letter, by the way is Pocket Lint by the aforementionerd Mary Hamilton, it’s a collection of interesting stuff she finds on t’internet).

I also should point out that these “daybook” posts will probably be a compilation of things stumbled across, written about or mentioned already elsewhere, but the writing things down seems to be suiting me, it’s making cogs turn upstairs, so I will endeovour to press ahead. Having a phone that I can type quite quickly on makes this a lot more feasable, as my time is usually limited.

Twitter started accepting GIF’s although they don’t seem to trigger automatically at the moment. like they would on Tumblr, a lot of the attraction of them for me wat it was a potential short film with no play button, the viwer had watched it as soon as they had looked at it, the play button turns it back into a request thing, but it still good I think. Surprising how old peices of tech just seem to hang in there and gain whole new realms of life in their own way.

There’s this clip of Phil Tippets Stop Motion pre-vis for the kitchen sequence for Jurassic Park (via mappeal).  Some of it much more compelling than the final result methinks, but I am old fashioned.

An old animation friend suggested it was better than Harryhausen but I am not sure I am willing to accept that.

(The acting is better though)


Molly Broxton is starting a small press called We Are Hermits. I am working on a little something for the first edition (I can tell you about that because it’s art not work, see?). You can sign up for occasional email updates here.

Did you see the Supermoon?

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Try to see the Sun and the Moon everyday. Part 2

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There were a couple of game announcements at E3 that really caught my attention. One was something called No Man’s Sky, its was made by a small company called, and they made a game that generates procedural worlds for you to explore. Here’s a presentation movie:

And then animation supremo David O’Reilly announced his game Mountain.

Mountain is a mountain simulator, You play as a mountain, and you get to do all of the things that a mountain does. I’m sure that fulfills all of your darkest and most disgusting fantasies.”

And watch this trailer for Mari Naomi’s book Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories, it’s simple, but awesome:

Ok, that’s it. I could keep going but I need to wash potatoes.

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