365 Sketch Project 11-22

Still going after over three weeks. It’s interesting to see what you notice.

(Text culled from the Instagram posts.)

(If you can’t see the embeds you might need to go here to see them.)

(Oh yes, and about half way through this sequence I start  recording which notebook each sketch is in, more on that later.)

11/365. Bottle opener left to me by my dearly departed Nan. With actual scorpion. Probably as old as I am, if not older. A cautionary tale this. I began this drawing last night but soon became distracted by the beer I was opening with said bottle opener then was soon lost in revery of the evenings benison. Therefore the need to finish this now and slightly slide it over 2 days. I know far better and more talented people than me have tried this #365 thing and not made it, so I am cutting myself some slack on that one. I can promise you that the scorpion is real, I'd like to think it's encased in amber but it's much more likely to be come kind of mid to late 20th century plastic. I am not an expert on such dubious matters. Nor am I an expert in the moral jousting of owning arachnid based cutlery. A small part of me feels I ought to destroy it, but it is beautiful, and my Nan gave it to me, and besides I have become quite fond of the shrieking sound the children make when they unexpectedly discover it amongst the spoons. Ink and pencil.

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17/365. Farm gate. Straight to ink on paper. Notebook: Leonidas

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