List of things.

1. Honeyblood

Heard this tune when walking past the radio at work, I only heard a few seconds and I was completely hooked. The album’s great (buy it). This track is called Choker, been listening to it a lot.

“This song is loosely based on a short story by Angela Carter called ‘The Bloody Chamber’.

Mostly, it’s about not letting anybody **** you around, even when they are trying to kill you. **** that ****.”


True to form I discovered them days after they had played Bristol. Curses.

2. Playlists/Cassettes

They don't make them like this anymore
They don’t make them like this anymore

I recently met a old and dear friend of mine, who I do not see enough of. We used to communicate with compilation tapes. So when he came over he brought a CD of stuff he was listening to. So I made one for him. I had completely forgot about he process of this, the rise and fall, does this song work well before that one, do those three tracks work well together. Listening to it over and over to see if it worked.

Does anyone do that anymore, apart from DJs. It’s a beautiful thing. We got Spotification and even iTunes before that eating that decision process up for us. I know there’s places like 8tracks still around for this, but still.

3. Facebook can be useful

I recently reposted 70/365 on my Facebook and it inspired an exchange of how it could be be transferred into film. These two classics were posted as a steer for the concept.

Fuji by Robert Breer

and Feeling My Way by Jonathan Hodgson


4. Boxers/Saints

Recently read Boxers/Saints by Gene Lueng Yang. It’s a two volume magical realist semi-history of the Boxer Rebellion in China in 1899. Each book is told from a different perspective. It’s very personal and manages to say a lot about history and what is remembered underneath the story itself which is compelling.


5. Somebody App

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this here before. Artist and writer Miranda July made a messenger app that, instead of sending a text direct to the recipient, will locate someone nearby using GPS and then gets them to pass on the message verbally. You can give instruction for emotional tone, and so on.
The actual app is here:
and there is a rather crazy short on how it can be used here:

I’m currently on Android, so you can’t try on me.

6. Sprautumn

..and I decided to put my face on all my profiles, not sure if it’ll make people relax because I’m obviously a human or give them the spooks. I call it my Bat Country Portrait.

7. I remembered Vine


Then I forgot it again.

Coxy is still on telly. Don’t miss it.

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