Ethel The Notebook is getting very full. It might time for retirement soon.
Ethel The Notebook is getting very full. It might time for retirement soon.

It’s been a beautiful weekend, like the summer’s not ready to let go, I’ve been outside, mostly, hacking at the hedges. Pleasant but very tiring.

Within the space of a week UK politics has changed completely which is a breath of fresh air whether you agree with the direction or not. You can tell how much it has changed by the level of hysterical outrage in the old school press. It can be difficult to take your eyes off the news. Fun times.

If your not watching This Is England ’90, do yourself a favour and get with it. When it’s done, it’s done.

Social Media-ed



Emily Hall – Ode To The Pylon

Deerhunter – Snakeskin

Kathryn Joseph – The Bird


Twitter and Instagram users can learn a lot from a 1920s journalist – Paul Mason/A Graphic Account of Roxane Gay and Erica Jong’s Uncomfortable Conversation by Mari Naomi/Meet the Artist Making GIFs to Ridicule All the Shit Women Deal With: Isabel Chiara/The Tsarnaev trial: Drawing a line/Hunter S Thompson on Now, from the Past/Jeremy Corbyn’s new PMQs has Tory MPs turning to tranquil pursuits like sketching MPs/’Ukraine’s Banksy’ on his time imprisoned by separatist rebels – in pictures/Megan Nicole Dong – “I’ve been doing a series of comics about men being deceived by makeup.”/Judy Pfaff/

Always Tumbling at TheElectronicalRattleBag

I can relate to this:

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