Intermittently Regular #365 Sketch Project Update 102-116

Incorporating Dismaland visit and the completion of the pub drawing.

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Other 365 drawings can be found here.


102/365 Lunchtime car drawing. 10 mins Stabilo point 88. Notebook: Artemis.
103/365 Fixing mechanism on the Draper Telescopic Trestle that supports my standing desk. Drawn whilst waiting for a thing. Uni ball micro. 7 mins. Notebook: Ethel.
104/365 View from window at work. It’s taken some time this one. This is probably the fifth update? I thought I’d get the leaves done before they fell off again. Drawn whilst waiting for large framed Arnold test renders. Time: unknown. Pencil. Notebook: Ethel.
105/365 Japanese anemones. Catching these before they keel over too. DRAW ALL THE FLORA ASAP. Coloured Stabilo point 88. 20 mins. Notebook: Ethel
106/365 More work on the sketch of the beloved Vittoria begun on 91/365. Still warm enough to sit outside so. Pencil. 15 mins. Notebook: Ethel.
107/365 Various species of scooter from outside Whiteladies Scooter shop. Some of them might be the same scooter, some of them may be the amalgamation of two. Lovely day though. 10 mins Straight to Uni-ball Eye Micro. Notebook: Artemis (homemade)
108/365 Tea break drawing of the Gardena THS 400 which I recently have been wielding up ladders, trimming the hedges,bushes, trees and other rampant plant life as one does in the Autumn. 7 mins Straight to Uniball Micro. Notebook: Ethel.
109/365 View across to the Ring o’Bells and the Holy Trinity from the Grove. Another bonus summer weekend, a walk in the park, football, jumpers for goalposts etc etc. Time for the bears to start hibernating soon, no? Two colour Stabilo point 88. 15 mins. Notebook: Ethel
110/365 Desk fan. Dealing will the heat generated by the all heavy heavy brain activity. 15 mins Multicoloured Stabilo. Notebook: Ethel
111/365 Shoes, trainers and boots of various kinds. Season changes, footware changes. Ka-Ching🎶!!! You know how it goes. Straight to Uniball Micro. 15 minutes. Notebook: Ethel


112/365 Half full glass on patterned table cloth. Multi-coloured Stabilo. 16 mins Notebook: Ethel.
113/365 Dismaland doodling. Quite good there, it is. Very lucky to get tickets, thanks S. Anniversary treat. A reminder of life before parenthood. Uniball. Notebook: Artemis.
114/365 Another lunch break pass at the architectural complexity that is the Vittoria. One more go after this and I think it might be done. Pencil Notebook: Ethel
115/365 Saplings in Leigh Woods, drawn on the move whilst discussing the merits of time travel in narrative forms. It was agreed Days of Future Past was a bad example, I cited Philip K Dick’s The Skull as a good one. 5 mins (with distraction) Black Stabilo Notebook: Artemis.


116/365 Busy old week, just managed to fit in a big finish for the blessed Vittoria. I think the notebook paper has taken as much as it can with all the scratching away. Omitted the benches and the chalk board but they were always in different places each sitting. Pencil. Notebook: Ethel.


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