As always more for my benefit than yours.

That’s a picture of the recent Supermoon over the front hedge.

We were lucky enough to see Dismaland 3 days before it closed on Wednesday, I felt like I was going because I ought to rather than wanted to.. But, no, it was wonderful, for several reasons. Firstly because the visitors there were not your average gallery goe, there were all different kinds of people engaging with what was there.. Secondly because it was like going to a rock concert rather than an art show. Thirdly the range of work there (most of it not by Banksy) was for the greater part technically excellent as well as engaging. But mostly because it didn’t feel like it came out of that art world, it felt fresh and relevant. (Some good animation on show at the cinema bit too!).  An uplifting experience, not empty or even dismal in anyway.

Winter Is Coming




An analysis of #ThisIsACoup  with data via Visibrain Focus/A physicist considers the appeal of miracles/Jim Le Fevre Interview/Micachu and The Shapes: The Art of the Happy Accident/The Perfectly Looping Mini-Trips of Hayden Zezula/Weird Facebook is a subculture of meme pages, secret groups, friend networks, and personalities/Essential Crowdfunding Campaigns You Need to Support  from Art Aid Nepal, 2D Cloud and Off Life/Frank Krause: Mining the Internet’s Fears/BlenderVR/Music video for Karma Fields by ravenkwok is presented entirely using animated Voroni tesselations/artists are using Google’s Deepdream in virtual reality/Bereavement and Grief Powerfully Examined by Cj Reay and Black Lodge Press/Sunny 5 by Taiyo Matsumoto: to be unreachable, by kindness or hope/


So I nuked the Facebook page I made. I was a nice experiment, but quickly became apparent that using it for a sole artist would require more money and work than I can spare, just to get people to see it. So I reactivated the Follow option on my standard profile, so if you don’t know me IRL you can follow my public posts there. I’m trying real hard to love Facebook, I understand one has to work it to really hard turn it into the space you want. So I am going to give it a go.

Been trying Flipboard in the hope it would give me the curated link feed we use to get in Google Reader, but it doesn’t seem to be responding to the information I give it. Also been trying Pinterest, but I always go back to Tumblr just because.


Chromatics – Tick Of The Clock

Eccentric Man – Groundhogs

Kate Tempest – ‘Stink’

Mo-Dettes – White Mice

Smaller Than My Mother – The Overcoats


Leo Abrahams – Chain

Envelopes – Free Jazz


Post-Capitalism by Paul Mason

Emma by Jane Austen

Miracles Of Life by J G Ballard

Back Up

Everything, all the time.


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