So we went up to the London Hilton yesterday as we got the nomination for best content graphics at the National Royal Television Society awards for our work on War of Words: Soldier Poets of the Somme. We were up against Doctor Who (although why that wasn’t submitted into the effects category I needed explaining to me), and Sports Personality of the Year, the latter of which won out.

It’s a crazy process sometimes because you try not to take it too seriously, and when something that is so completely different to your work does win, that becomes easier.

We are still so very proud of the work we did, it was a once in a life time job, and a marvellous team effort from Hugh Cowling, Libby Redden, John Durrant, Tim Marriott and Steve Burrell.

I’m still working out what this site is for, and I have had it for nearly ten years now. I just want a space that is mine where I can put stuff on my own terms. Also build up a resource and life record of sorts. That’s what these really long posts are for in effect. My ability to write anything was slightly thrown by the events of the last few weeks I have to admit. But it is in times like these that the world need more art not less. So let’s keep going, and communicate and resolve.


Nadine Shah – The Gin One

Grimes – SCREAM ft Aristophanes

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