Pinter in 1978 – 02.05.16

I dated this because there probably’ll be more than one.

There was a recent rescreening of 1978 interview.

This on writing his first play

I wrote that play totally without calculation. In other words, I started at the top and at a certain point There was a knock at the door and someone came in, and I had absolutely no idea who he was, who he might be, what he might say, and I let it run. I let it happen, and found that he did have a voice, that he was the Landlord, in fact. That was the first chapter.

The two visitors arrived, and I didn’t know what they were on about really, or what they wanted. They were just part of the whole atmosphere.

This on starting:

It remains the essential joy of writing, I think. You’ve got a blank page, one moment, there’s nothing on it, and the next moment there’s something on it.

Now if you know what that something’s going to be, really, fully and comprehensively before you get to it, I don’t quite see where the spring of discovery can exist.

The discovery exists in the act of discovery.