Giving the voices a name

I was extremely honoured to have my drawings mentioned in this Susannah Breslin piece on self negotiation and naming one’s inner critics:

“There’s Hypochron, whose superpower is overreacting to everything and also catastrophizing. Let’s not forget Lay-Ze-Bonez, which is quick to pronounce any lag in productivity a testament to one’s laziness. And, finally, we’ve got I’m Thirsty. I’m Thirsty is a head-only it-thing that lives at the bottom of a glass that is barely filled with water. It’s always thirsty. Despite the water. I hope you enjoyed meeting my new friends! It’s actually been sort of interesting and effective to think of the voices in this way. It makes them easier to be rational in relationship to. Let’s face it, these guys suck. As Ury writes: ‘Self-judgment may be the greatest barrier to self-understanding.’ “

The Dinner Party, Susannah Breslin