Martin Landau on Process

  • If you were to tell me, right now.
  • What’s the most important thing?
  • That? Yeah.
  • OK. That’s good……………Trust.
  • Huh.
  • Talent is one thing. But to trust your talent. It’s a hard thing to do.  To trust your choices.  To use the rehearsals in ways that you’re not watching yourself.
  • Right. Self conscious.
  • Well, more than that.  It’s the director in you. Leave the director outside.  When you break down a script and make choices on a scene or a character, there’s an objective part of you that looks at stuff.  You make a choice that’s conscious.  Then either trust that to your subjectivity or don’t…..Now if you do, let it take you where it will.  If it does what you hope it will, it will end the scene.
  • Ohhh.
  • …as opposed to your deciding to end the scene.
  • Right…I get it.
  • It’s hard to explain.

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