The future, in fiction, is a metaphor.

“All fiction is metaphor. Science fiction is metaphor. What sets it apart from older forms of fiction seems to be its use of new metaphors, drawn from certain great dominants of our contemporary lifeā€”science, all the sciences, and technology, and the relativistic and theĀ historical outlook, among them. Space travel is one of these metaphors; so is an alternative society, an alternative biology; the future is another. The future, in fiction, is a metaphor.

A metaphor for what?

If I could have said it non-metaphorically, I would not have written all these words, this novelā€¦”

Ā –Ā  Ursula K. Le Guin, 1976 Foreword toĀ The Left Hand of DarknessĀ (via Nearlya)