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Above is the railway line down by the Bristol Cut.

“The New Cut is an artificial waterway which was constructed between 1804 and 1809 to divert the tidal river Avon through south and east Bristol, England. This was part of the process of constructing Bristol’s Floating Harbour, under the supervision of engineer William Jessop. The cut runs from Totterdown Basin at the eastern end of St Phillip’s Marsh, near Temple Meads, to the Underfall sluices at Rownham in Hotwells and rejoining the original course of the tidal Avon.”



Scripting News: Where we’re at with Facebook
Here is my summary of what I’ve been writing on my blog for the last few weeks while the CA/FB controversy was brewing.

Futile air strikes on Syria won’t defeat Assad and Putin
Kilometres matter. If you’ve been anywhere near war, you will know that one kilometre away is better than 100 metres away. Two kilometres is much better than one. Ten kilometres away and your can smoke a shisha pipe while your shaking hands stroke the stray cats, who also understand the power of distance.

🎥 ЛЕНЯ ФЕДОРОВ – film by Dmitri Frolov, 2018
«Зимы не будет» — альбом лидера рок-группы «АукцЫон» Леонида Федорова и участников «Волковтрио»:
контрабасиста Владимира Волкова и гитариста Святослава Курашова.
Сергей Старостин — жалейка, флейта
Оригинальная звуковая дорожка: альбом “Зимы не будет”
Автор фильма Дмитрий Фролов

Zuckerberg outwits Congress – Axios
Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday morphed from a shy tech nerd into a confident business executive who ran circles around lawmakers.

🎥 Miles From Anywhere – Gary Carpenter
Dir. Gary Carpenter (1997) On the surface, an exploration of environment and landscape. Hand-held photography close up on textures in a detailed examination of the real. From stone to sky, material to air, framing is all and holds the answers. Shot on Super 8.

An animated “music video” of similar satellite imagery
Arena is a video created by Páraic & Pearse McGloughlin constructed from different structural forms (roads, stadiums, center-pivot irrigation circles) in satellite images of the Earth animated together into a kind of music video. (It’s hard to describe it. Just watch and you’ll see what I mean.) The first part of the video, with the roads, reminded me of the screensaver on a computer or DVD player where a ball or logo bounces around the screen.

The Moon in 4k resolution | FlowingData
Based on data gathered by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, NASA pieced together this high-resolution tour of the moon. At the two-minute mark they zoom in on a boulder in the middle of a 100-million-year-old crater, and it blew my mind.

The Strange Magic of Libraries
Our era is a digital one, to be sure, but libraries of physical books are still holding on defiantly, even triumphantly. According to the Library Map of the World, there are over two million public and school libraries on planet Earth. Of these, 103,325 are in the U.S. and 12,570 in my native Australia. Globally, the number of private libraries is much larger still—because who’s to say that even a humble shelf of Penguin or Pocket paperbacks doesn’t qualify as a private library?

Helen Hardin (American, 1943-1984)

Winter Awakening of the O-Khoo-Wah, 1972. Acrylic on board, 14 ¾ x 29 ½ in.

Maria Popova on Evergreen Ideas and Rethinking the Meaning of Content
To create work that touches people’s lives in ten, a hundred, or a thousand years from now is both a humbling and unexpected reward of one’s effort. But we do not determine whether something is timeless or not; we simply create from the heart, telling the truth about what we see and why it matters, and we ship. You might not be around for the praise, but the choice to be present while enjoying the process is available daily.

Blog about Goya’s Straw Man
El pelele is a painting composed between 1791 and 1792 by the Spanish painter Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes (1746–1828). El pelele is often rendered in English as The Straw Manikin, but Robert Hughes translates it as The Straw Man in his 2003 biography Goya.

Studio Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata dies at 82 – BBC News
Japanese anime director Isao Takahata, co-founder of the famed Studio Ghibli, has died at the age of 82.

How 50 Female Characters Were Described In Their Screenplays
How do you create a memorable female character? It helps if you get it right from the very beginning, as Joseph L. Mankiewicz did in his screenplay for All About Eve when he introduced the woman who would be played by Bette Davis. “The CAMERA follows the bottle to MARGO CHANNING,” wrote Mankiewicz in his stage directions. “An attractive, strong face. She is childish, adult, reasonable, unreasonable — usually one when she should be the other, but always positive.”

AIPAD 2018 – Todd Webb, presented by Todd Webb Archive
Sam Walker, Todd Webb Archive, Portland: Todd Webb composed Sixth Avenue Between 43rd and 44th Streets, New York, 1948 from eight separate images. It depicts the west side of Sixth Avenue between West 43rd and 44th Streets, taken on the afternoon of March 24, 1948. Realizing he had to work fast to retain the same light, Webb plotted the shoot beforehand, lining up the edges of each photo with chalk marks on the sidewalk. The image was exhibited at the 1958 Brussels Worlds Fair, and he became internationally recognized as the “historian with a camera.”

Love and Rockets’ Jaime Hernandez Creates Graphic Novel for Kids
Children’s publisher Toon Books is marking its 10th anniversary with the release of The Dragon Slayer: Folktales from Latin America, a bilingual graphic novel for young readers by Jaime Hernandez, co-creator of the acclaimed Love and Rockets indie comics series.

Interoception: Miles Johnston at Last Rites Gallery
If you’re in New York, please do us both a favor and head over to the Last Rites Gallery between now and April 21st to experience Interoception, the debut solo exhibition of oil on linen paintings and graphite on paper drawings by UK-born, Sweden-based artist Miles Johnston.

Teachers have sounded the alarm – it’s time to listen
For many children, the Easter holidays are in full swing. But spare a thought for the more than 4,000 children who have learning disabilities. They won’t be taking a break from school: they’re stuck at home for the long-term, as no local schools can take them.

Edinburgh: Built on bones and ruins
[Guest post by Aud Koch in Edinburgh, Scotland]
Edinburgh is a gorgeous city built on bones and ruins: it is a mad god’s dream. This I learned on a recent sojourn to the British Isles.

Robbie Barrat’s AI-generated nude paintings make Francis Bacon look like a genteel pre-Raphaelite
Robbie Barrat is generating warped, surreal paintings using artificial intelligence and the results are really something.

The Third Self: Mary Oliver on Time, Concentration, the Artist’s Task, and the Central Commitment of the Creative Life
“The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.”

Writing by hand on paper is becoming a revolutionary act.

Cambridge Analytica academic’s work upset university colleagues
One of the world’s best universities is coming under increased pressure over how it handled concerns raised about the mass data harvesting at the heart of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, after a cache of emails revealed heated exchanges between senior academics involved.

12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech
Tech is more important than ever, deeply affecting culture, politics and society. Given all the time we spend with our gadgets and apps, it’s essential to understand the principles that determine how tech affects our lives.

Visualize that! Behind the scenes with Bolt for Visual Scripting
Why would experienced developers care about visual scripting? It’s only for people allergic to code, right? We recently sat down with the author of Bolt and Chronos to hear how he got started, his ideas on code visualization, UX and the Asset Store itself.