The Books of Charles Dellshau


“In 1969, used furniture dealer Fred Washington bought 12 large discarded notebooks from a garbage collector, where they found a new home in his warehouse under a pile of dusty carpets. In 1969, art history student, Mary Jane Victor, was scouring through his bazaar of castaways when she came upon the mysterious works of a certain Charles Dellschau.”


“He had arrived in the United States at 25 years old from Hamburg in 1853 and documents show he lived in both California and Texas with his family, working as a butcher. After his retirement in 1899, he took to filling his days by filling notebooks with a visual journal of his youth. He called the first three books, Recollections and recounts a secret society of flight enthusiasts which met in California in the mid-19th century called the ‘Sonora Aero Club’.”


There’s more on the story and other incredible images at Messy Nessy, please take a look.

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Intermittently Regular #365 Sketch Project Update 167-173

166/365 Ivy on tree trunk. 10 mins. Straight to V-ball Notebook: Myrtle

167/365 Sheep and trees.
10 mins
Notebook: Myrtle

168/365  Another window.
They’re pretty much the only thing I can see from the window where I sit to eat my lunch.
Notebook: Myrtle.

169/365  Suburbanite Window.
Notebook: Ichabod

170/365  Tangle of saplings in hedgerow with accompanying electric cable pole and hazard warning.
Straight To V-ball.
Notebook: Ichabod.

171/365  Whiteladies Road Tree.
30 mins
Uniball micro
Notebook: Ichabod
(Process videos uploaded to Instagram Stories)

173/365Rooftops, Clifton.
March 2017.
4 mins
Notebook: Ichabod

Springtime & URLs


As of tomorrow my personal website will only be listed under

(It remains a work in progress).

Many thanks and Happy Spring!

“The things that you do should be things that you love and the things that you love should be things that you do.”

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Ty Sculpture Trail


“There’s only one way a poet can develop his actual writing — apart from self-criticism & continual practice. And that is by reading other poetry aloud — and it doesn’t matter whether he understands it or not (i.e. even if it is in another language.) What matters, above all, is educating the ear”


SouthBank Arts Trail 2017

This year I will be participating in the Bristol SouthBank Arts Trail, taking place from the 13th – 14th May 1017. I’ll be sharing a venue with Orla Handley and The Secret Stuff Laboratory.

You can see a full list of artists on the trail here.

Hopefully see you there.

(image by Paul from Plaster)

Fantastic Person

Just remembering this genius from Candy Guard.

The Secrets Of Your Food

At BDH we made some pretty delicious graphics for this series on the chemistry of food.


Michael Mosley and James Wong reveal the physics, chemistry and biology hidden inside our food. They travel the world in a culinary adventure to search for the origins of our favourite foods and using specialist photography and CGI, they take us on a journey inside the most sumptuous food, right down to the molecular level.

You can see a promo here featuring some of the work we did.

Watch out for the tongue and tastebud sequences ;-).

9pm Friday 24th February (This evening) BBC2.

“Steve Lacy wrote down a list of advice from jazz pianist Thelonious Monk”


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