Face 1992

Face 1992

Many elements came together when I drew this picture. It changed the way I thought about what I did and how I did it. I have never been quite sure why.

I no longer have the original, this scan is taken from a colour photocopy (remember them?).

Don’t ask me who it is, because I do not know.

Fortune: “You are not worth the food between her teeth”

2 thoughts on “Face 1992

  1. Hiya, Burning…I REALLY LIKE your MAD work…Reminds me strongly of the drawings of patients in mental institutions, and that’s a compliment!A big embrace.

  2. If you only get one comment, it might as well be from the Mighty Grillo.Many humble thank-yous, kind sir.I shall wear cardboard on my head for the rest of the day as a sign of respect.

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