Animated Journal: Clap Loop

Another Animated Journal loop from my Stories. That’s’s me on the audio again, this time called “Clap Loop”. It’s a documentation of my short trip to pick up the children from youth club.


Animated Journal: Sad Clangers

Yes, I’ve been posting these small animated “Viney” loops on IG & SC Stories, but obviously they only play once there then they’re gone. Not substantial enough for YouTube or Vimeo so posting them on Instagram for evergreen seems to be the way.

Maybe once I’ve got a set I should put them into a full sequence similar to the first Animated Journal.

I’ll continue to blog them here as and when I update, in the meantime follow me on Snapchat or Instagram to get more instant updates.

On Instagram Stories.

These are joined up Instagram Stories from last month.

I’ve been having lots of fun playing with the new facility, it’s more friendly to animators than Snapchat, I feel. The lack of pressure of permanence invites experimentation, because if you fail, it’s gone in 24 hours, so who cares. That’s the way wonderful accidents can happen.

And we like those.

(Edit: This is also now viewable on YouTube)

Animated Journal S02E01

After some interesting conversations with friends and some on-line encouragement I’ve decided to start the Animated Journal again.

As always it was always about turning the process of animation into an accessible and ephemeral thing rather than the extremely lengthy and complicated process of tradition, and to really try to show how something felt in a particular moment.

These are from elements captured in Leigh Woods a few weeks ago.

Since I completed the first one we’ve had the progression of things like Vine and Instagram video which mean many more people have been playing and being very creative with the very short form. You can find the original Journal here.

Please enable sound

Guest-Directed Self-Portrait #7

Directed by MortalCompass

You will flip a coin.

“Heads” – Inside

“Tails” – Outside


Inside Prompt:
Take one photo right before going to bed and one right after waking up through one evening of sleep. Post both in a set or place side by side in a single image with Photoshop/Gimp etc and post that.

If you have a tripod, I would prefer that you use it. That way, each shot is from an identical angle and shows the change in your bed area over one evening of rest. If not, then an attempt should be made to have it show your space in more or less the same position as the night before.

I seem to have broken a few rules. But I do not have a tripod, and never just take “one photo”, so there we are.

(see other GDSP7 submissions here.)