Guest-Directed Self-Portrait #7

Directed by MortalCompass

You will flip a coin.

“Heads” – Inside

“Tails” – Outside


Inside Prompt:
Take one photo right before going to bed and one right after waking up through one evening of sleep. Post both in a set or place side by side in a single image with Photoshop/Gimp etc and post that.

If you have a tripod, I would prefer that you use it. That way, each shot is from an identical angle and shows the change in your bed area over one evening of rest. If not, then an attempt should be made to have it show your space in more or less the same position as the night before.

I seem to have broken a few rules. But I do not have a tripod, and never just take “one photo”, so there we are.

(see other GDSP7 submissions here.)


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