“Brexicuted” by Chris Shepherd (2018)

My old college friend and prolific animator and mentor, Chris Shepherd made this short film last year about the political issue currently dominating British politics at the expense of literally everything else.

Wherever you fall on the debate it’s pretty funny. I was lucky enough to see it last autumn at the Encounters film festival, but it is currently available on YouTube.

Posted here in celebration of Withdrawal Agreement Day in Parliament (haha!).

(You might have to click through to watch.)

Glass Animals – Gooey (animation) by Katy Wang (2014)


“Visit my blog for ‘behind the scenes’ stuff: http://goo.gl/EpwoBN This is what came out of my head on a three week music video project on my art foundation course… Hand drawn animation 759 frames drawn in Photoshop CS5 Edited in Sony Vegas Pro 10 Music: Gooey – Glass Animals “

A great breakdown, worth checking out.

George Dunning – The Tempest (unfinished) (1978)

After Damon, Dunning began to lay plans for a feature based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Dunning had been unwell throughout the production of Yellow Submarine, and poor health continued to dog him. When he died in London on 15 February 1979, The Tempest remained sadly unfinished. The collated surviving material – black-and-white pencil tests, pose sketches, a few full-colour animation sequences – hints at a bold expansion of past techniques, with figures, landscapes, even the Shakespeare text, in perpetual flux.”

see also: Ubu

“Ubu” by Geoff Dunbar (1978)


“I think it was the late sixties, and I saw this wonderful production of Ubu on at the Royal Court, and Max Wall was playing his Royal Highness. And it was just astounding, I mean, that was my initiation with Alfred Jarry, I mean, he was quite an extraordinary man. I thought at that time, if I ever got the chance to do it, Ubu would just be the most natural animated picture. I related it to Jarry in terms of animation initiallybecause it was originally a marionette play that he put on at school as a boy, and then he placed it a little bit later in the theatre. And I think it’s part of anyone that works in the theatre, it’s part of their curriculum, you know, you come across Ubu, you come across the importance of Ubu in breaking the traditions.

…So we developed that style, you know, literally it was blobbing ink. And when we were doing some of the backgrounds – you know, they were very simple, we just drew them in like this, and then I would take a bottle of ink with those plunger things, just squeeze it, and then just whack it right across it, and you’d just let the blobs go.

I remember, it was in the BAFTA theatre, and it was a full house, a lot of people had turned up to see this piece. And it did the job, it broke the mould, I think, of people’s conception of animation. I mean, there it was: suddenly there was something else happening on the screen. And it was the most marvellous feeling when it finished, there was a little pause. And tremendous applause, I was really moved by that. I did, at another screening, overhear some people walking out saying it was the most revolting and disgusting film they’d ever seen, and they didn’t know what animation was coming to. At which I thought, well, I don’t know, I mean, it can’t always be little cutie characters.”

Geoff Dunbar

Late Night Work Club presents GHOST STORIES (2013)



“Here we are, kids. Project #1, an indie animation anthology on the theme of GHOST STORIES. All work done DIY, between jobs and classes, with no funding, between September ’12 and August ’13. Enjoy.

“If you’d like to support us, drop something in our tip jar below or check out our Gumroad shop for downloads and limited-edition Uncanny Mystery Packs. gumroad.com/lnwc

“Also, check out the individual members of LNWC. Say hello, follow their work, support them.

“Lastly, thanks to everyone who has encouraged us, spread the word, helped out and supported us over this past year. You are the best.

00:45 – I Will Miss You by Dave Prosser – (daveprosser.co.uk)
04:46 – The Jump by Charles Huettner – (charleshuettner.tumblr.com/)
07:22 – The American Dream by Sean Buckelew – (seanbuckelew.com/)
09:53 – Mountain Ash by Jake Armstrong & Erin Kilkenny – (jakedraws.tumblr.com/) & (erinkilkenny.com/)
14:29 – Rat Trap by Caleb Wood – (vimeo.com/calebwood)
16:23 – Loose Ends by Louise Bagnall – (elbooga.blogspot.com/)
18:47 – Phantom Limb by Alex Grigg – (alexgrigg.com/) Sound by Skillbard – (skillbard.com/)
23:02 – Asshole by Conor Finnegan – (conorfinneganan.tumblr.com/)
25:22 – Ombilda by Ciaran Duffy – (hellociaran.com/)
29:39 – Post Personal by Eamonn O’Neill – (eamonnoneill.ie/)
32:31 – Last Lives by Scott Benson – (bombsfall.com/)”

Yes, indeed. This is fantastic idea, independent animators working together to produce something amazing. Sets a great example and has produced some excellent, intriguing and devastating work.

Watch it.